Top tips for your eToro Popular Investor application

The Popular Investor program is unique to eToro and an essential part of our CopyTrader™ social investing feature. Through the Popular Investor Program, successful investors can build up their business by sharing their talents, expertise and strategies with the eToro community, thus, expanding their influence and their number of copiers. 

We are proud to partner with our Popular Investors, many of whom are steadily building their reputation and establishing significant revenue streams, on top of earnings from their own trading. We bestow Popular Investor status on the very best of our community in fact, less than 20% of all applicants are accepted into the program and continually ensure that high standards are adhered to.

Don’t make these mistakes!

So, you’ve decided to apply for the program and become an eToro Popular Investor… great! In order to help you avoid the most common mistakes we see made by applicants, we’ve compiled the following list. Make sure to double-check your application and apply any of the necessary fixes before sending.

Mistake #1: Not using your full name on your profile

How to fix it: Access your privacy settings by clicking the settings button on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the privacy button and turn on the full name setting.

Mistake #2: Inactive feed on your profile page

How to fix it: Make sure to have at least one feed post with analysis on a specific instrument or your investment strategy from the last 30 days. These posts should be a minimum of three sentences and can be in your native language.

Mistake #3: Unacceptable or unclear profile picture

How to fix it: Upload a profile picture with a clear image of your face and unless you have a registered joint account, you should be the only person in the frame. For a detailed picture guide, please click here.

Mistake #4: Insufficient information in your bio

How to fix it: Edit your bio to include details about who you are, your investing and academic credentials, and a description of your investment strategy. Your bio should contain a minimum of 150 characters.

Best of luck

We thank you for your interest in becoming a Popular Investor and your desire to take a more active role in leading the eToro investing community of which you are a part. We wish you the best of luck!


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