When buying cryptoassets on eToro, you gain ownership of those assets.
eToro charges a single, simple, and transparent fee of 1% for buying or selling crypto.


How it works

There is a 1% fee for buying or selling cryptoassets on eToro. This 1% fee is added to the market price (bid-ask spread) and is included in the price we show when you open or close a position.


Where the prices come from

Crypto prices on eToro are sourced from eToroX, an affiliate of eToro.


Understanding the fee

As soon as you buy a cryptoasset, you will see a loss in the position. This is because the displayed profit and loss (“P/L”) includes the 1% buy fee you’ve just paid and the 1% sell fee you will pay when closing the position. This P/L will update in real time as the market price changes.


Cryptoassets can also be transferred from the eToro platform to the eToro Money crypto wallet*. Click here for more information about crypto transfer fees and limits.

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0% Commissions

We charge zero commissions when you buy or sell a stock.


When you sell a stock, we pay the regulatory transaction fees on your behalf.

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For certain services you request on your brokerage account, we may pass along a processing fee charged by our clearing firm. See our full fee miscellaneous schedule here.

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