CEO Lule Demmissie speaks on Black History Month

Black History Month isn’t just about reflecting on and celebrating the past; it’s about looking toward the future and doing the work that is needed to create a more diverse and inclusive society.


To celebrate, we asked eToro’s US CEO Lule Demmissie to talk about what Black History Month means to her. Watch the video below to learn more.



Lule also dove into some of the ways the investment world can better create a space that includes everyone, such as increasing representation and making access easier across the board.



eToro’s mission has always been to make investing accessible to anyone, anywhere — including those who have historically been left out of the conversation. Democratizing finance through a community-centric platform has the potential to open new economic doors for all of us. And engaging with investors from all over the world could bring myriad perspectives you might not have been exposed to — a friendly reminder that diversification is good for more than just your portfolio.