Tax Report FAQ for French Residents

Any data reported in the tax statement is strictly for informational purposes only.
It is not intended as a tax declaration or as a substitute for legal advice.
We strongly advise you to verify the tax statement with your tax advisor.
eToro does not provide tax advice and this page is for informational purposes only.

On this page, you will find information about the eToro Tax Report, which is a document generated based on your previous annual trading activity on the eToro platform and is structured in accordance with local tax guidelines.


Tax Year: 01.01–12.31

  • Reporting Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Filing Date: May / June 2022

In general, French taxpayers must submit their tax forms to the tax authorities around the 20th May. The date can slightly vary from year to year.

Manual and electronic filing are possible.


Reporting Languages:

  • French (FR)
  • English (EN)


Consumption Logic: Average-FIFO

  • FIFO method (“first in, first out”) is applied to identify the pieces sold (consumption logic) for the purpose of capital gain calculation.
  • For calculating the purchase price, a weighted average method is applied.


Taxable Basis

  • Income: Dividend income, interest income, other investment income
  • Capital Gains/Losses:
    • Capital gains/losses from shares, bonds, certificates, investment funds, options, futures, precious metals and others
    • Capital gains/losses from cryptoassets in case cryptoassets are purchased and sold in exchange for non-virtual money or “fiat currency” respectively.
  • Wealth: Wealth tax on real estate assets only (‘Impôt sur la fortune immobilière (IFI))


Tax Forms

Form 2042 / 2042c

  • Principal yearly French tax form
  • Dividend and interest income (received offshore)
    • 2DC: Sum of all dividends qualifying for a 40% abatement
    • 2TR: Sum of all interest payments
    • 2TS: Other distributions (esp. non-qualified dividends)
    • 2CA: Deductible fees (only on income transactions)
    • 8VL: Sum of tax credits (on income received offshore)
  • Capital gains and losses
    • 3VG: Net amount of capital gains
    • 3VH: Net amount of capital losses
    • 3SG: Total of holding period abatements


Official Forms

Form 2047

Income received outside of France (“offshore”)

  • Income from French securities
  • Income from foreign, qualified dividends
  • Income from foreign interest payments
  • Other foreign income


Official Forms

Form 2074

Capital gains and losses (holding period abatements)

  • Supplementary tax form in order to declare capital gains and losses which are entitled to holding period abatements
  • 3SG: Total of holding period abatements


Official Forms

Form 2725

  • Wealth tax statement for real estate assets based on the value on the 1st January
  • This is relevant for real estate funds, for example FPI


Form 2086

  • Crypto gains and losses


Official Forms

1) Calculation of Capital Gains / Differences to eToro Account Statement

  • Basic Calculation Rule: Average FIFO