Tax Report FAQ for Danish Residents

Any data reported in the tax statement is strictly for informational purposes only.
It is not intended as a tax declaration or as a substitute for legal advice.
We strongly advise you to verify the tax statement with your tax advisor.
eToro does not provide tax advice and this page is for informational purposes only.

On this page, you will find information about the eToro Tax Report, which is a document generated based on your previous annual trading activity on the eToro platform and is structured in accordance with local tax guidelines.

General information

  • Tax Year: 01.01–12.31
  • Reporting Currency: Danish Krone (DKK)


Filing Date: 1 May, 2022 / 1 July, 2022

  • The deadline for the tax assessment is 1 May, 2022. However, extended tax returns or foreign income can be submitted by 1 July, 2022.
  • The reporting of purchases on shares and funds must be reported before 1 July, 2022, so further losses can be deducted.
  • The report can be submitted in electronic and paper format.

Source for exchange rates:

Consumption Logic: Weighted Average for shares, financial contracts, investment funds. FIFO for cryptoassets

Taxable Basis

  • Income: Share income and capital income
  • Capital Gains: Capital gains from shares (share income) and other securities (capital income) and cryptoassets (personal income)
  • Wealth: There is no wealth tax. However, the year-end market value of assets held in foreign deposits must be reported.

The information related to the acquisition of securities must be kept for the following reasons:

  • For audit purposes, since the accounts are held abroad
  • In order to be able to deduct losses on shares and funds, the information about these purchases must be provided to the Danish Tax Agency.


Tax Forms

Form 04.012

Form 04.003

Form 04.068

There is an annex that includes gains/losses from financial contracts, in relation to Form 04.055. However, this is a form that depends on gains/losses from previous years and the election the investor may choose regarding the offsetting choices.