What is the eToro Account Statement?

See a full overview of all your investing activity in your account statement. Here you can check all the movements in your account, such as open and closed trades, fees, dividends, deposits, and withdrawals.

You can view the statement in the same language as your eToro account.



Accessing the eToro Account Statement

The account statement is available on both the web version of eToro and the eToro mobile app. 

You can access the account statement directly here. You can also find it via Settings or your Real Portfolio.

  • From Settings:
  1. Click on Settings 
  2. Click the Account tab
  3. Under Documents, click View next to Account Statement
  • From your Real Portfolio:
  1. Click the Portfolio tab
  2. Click the clock icon to view your History. If you’re on the eToro mobile app, tap the Portfolio menu at the top of the screen to change to History view.
  3. Tap on the right side
  4. Select Account Statement



Generating the Statement

Choose a predefined time frame, or select Custom to choose your preferred date range. Click Create to generate the report.



Understanding the eToro Account Statement

There are 5 sections available in the eToro Account Statement:



1. Account Summary - shows your personal details and the main totals for the selected time frame.

2. Closed positions - displays all manually closed trades, as well as closed copied trades, including ISIN codes, instrument types and names.

3. Account Activity - generates a list of all the transactions made in the account within the selected time frame (deposits, withdrawals, positions opened and closed, fees etc.).

4. Dividends - shows all your earned dividends in the selected period of time.

5. Financial Summary - displays relevant information for filing taxes, and includes a breakdown of the fees, commissions, and profit/loss within the selected time frame.



Exporting the eToro Account Statement

It can be saved as a PDF or Excel file by clicking on the relevant icon.