Where can I see the overnight fees that will be charged and / or I have paid?

You can view the overnight fees (or refunds) before you open the trade, while the position is open and once it is closed in 5 different places:



  • Your account statement: While the position is open or it is closed, you can see the total fees or refunds in the ‘Account Activity’ section of the statement, under the type ‘Rollover fee’ and the details ‘Overnight fee’ or ‘Weekend fee’.


  • The portfolio history page: You can find the total fees or refunds paid during the chosen timeframe at the bottom.


  • Your portfolio page: Under the 'O/N fees' column, you can see the fees that you are paying for each investment. If that column is not shown, click , then click any option, select 'O/N fees' and click 'Apply'. 


  • The trade summary screen: You can find the total fees or refunds you will pay, are paying or paid for that position at the bottom.