What is a weekend fee?

A weekend fee refers to the triple overnight fee that we apply, once a week, for holding a CFD position.


Overnight fees are not charged on Saturdays and Sundays, except for cryptoassets. For all other assets, we apply a weekend fee.


This is the overnight fee multiplied by 3, as we apply the overnight fee for that day, plus the fees from Saturdays and Sundays. Since this is done automatically, you will be charged the weekend fee, even if you close the position before the weekend.


In some instances, you may receive a weekend refund, which means that your account is credited, not debited.


We apply the weekend fee or refund on a weekday, depending on the asset:

  • Wednesdays to positions on currencies and most commodities.
  • Thursdays to positions on Saudi stocks. 
  • Fridays to positions on other stocks, indices, ETFs, Oil, and Natural Gas.