Can I transfer Cardano (ADA) from my eToro investment account to my eToro Money crypto wallet?

ADA is available to transfer, send and receive for clients living in these countries.


We are rolling out the ADA wallet in phases and more countries will be added soon.


How do I create an ADA wallet?


Transferring ADA from your eToro investment account to the eToro Money crypto wallet automatically creates an ADA wallet.


Creating an ADA Wallet is free, but there is a fee for transferring crypto from the investment platform. eToro’s fees for the transfer of cryptoassets can be found here.


Once you have transferred ADA and created your ADA wallet, you can then send or receive ADA to or from other wallets. We don’t currently offer the option to buy ADA directly in the crypto wallet or convert ADA to another crypto.


The ADA wallet is secured by advanced signature mechanisms and analytic behaviour machine learning to provide our clients with the best security possible.




What is the minimum amount that you can transfer from the eToro investment platform? 

The minimum amount that you can transfer from the eToro investment platform is 11 ADA.


Why doesn’t eToro cover Cardano’s deposit/transfer fee?

eToro offers its customers the option to transfer their coins to the wallet, but does not cover the fee which is set by Cardano.