What is social investing?

Social investing is an innovative way of trading and investing that combines the financial markets with social features. With eToro, you can discuss markets with other investors, learn from experienced traders while copying them, and share your wisdom. 


When you join eToro, you are part of the world’s largest investing community with more than 20 million investors from over 100 countries. 


On the eToro News Feed, you can interact with others just like on any social network. Share your ideas, insights, and trading strategies with other investors, and even make new friends.


You can also copy experienced investors with our CopyTrader™ system and invest in a people-based portfolio with eToro Top Trader Smart Portfolios.


Build your profile on eToro to introduce yourself to the eToro community, see valuable statistics about your trading habits, and get followed or copied by other traders.


eToro encourages our investors to share their knowledge, and so has created the unique Popular Investor program. It enables successful investors to build up their business by sharing their expertise and getting paid by us for being copied.


Learn more about social trading here.