Can I transfer Tron (TRX) from my eToro investment account to my eToro Money crypto wallet?

Check here to see if our Crypto Transfer Service is available in your country.

Tron is available to transfer, send and receive in all these countries.

The Crypto Transfer Service page also contains a guide on how to transfer your crypto and information about transfer requirements and fees.

After you transfer your Tron position, you will see a new Tron wallet has been created in the eToro Money app. You can then send or receive Tron to or from other wallets. We don’t currently offer the option to buy Tron directly in the crypto wallet or convert Tron to another crypto.




Why do I need to pay 100 TRX for my TRX wallet?

Fees for activating a wallet and moving TRX to the wallet are set by TRON and not by eToro. 


Why doesn’t eToro cover TRON’s deposit/transfer fee?

eToro offers its customers the option to move their coins to the wallet, but does not cover the fee which is set by TRON.


Why does it cost one TRX for each transaction (deposit/transfer)?

Fees for TRON transactions are entirely at TRON’s discretion


Why does it cost one TRX when I send to a new TRX wallet, in addition to the existing 1 TRX transaction fee?

The fees for moving TRX to a non-activated wallet are entirely at TRON’s discretion.


Do you support TRON-based tokens (e.g., TRC-10 others)?

No. Only the TRON token is supported.