How do I use Charts and ProCharts?

Each financial instrument has its own chart, which is a valuable tool for tracking and analysing its history and performance.

Please note, as per the industry standard, eToro charts only display the SELL rate. To determine the BUY rate you would need to add the spread to the prices on the chart.

Go to any asset's page and click on 'Chart': 

The default view shows each financial instrument's performance using candles. The colour of the candle indicates whether the value of the asset rose or fell over the course of the selected periodicity. Green indicates an increase in price. Red indicates a drop in price. The tips of the vertical lines ('wicks') at the top and bottom of each candle represent the highest and lowest points that the asset reached during the specified time frame. 

In the top right hand corner of the chart, you will see two arrows:  Click on them to expand the chart and bring up the chart settings.

Here you can set the periodicity (time frame of the candles) you wish to analyse - the default is one day (1D).

You can choose from dozens of tools or studies you may find useful for your analysis by clicking on the pen icon:

If you click on the settings wheel, you can change the timezone. You also have the option to open our new ProCharts feature in a new tab, which allows you display multiple charts on one screen, save layouts and overlay technical analyses.

You can also launch ProCharts from your Watchlist, either by clicking on the settings wheel and selecting it from the menu, or by clicking on a mini chart:


The main feature of ProCharts is the new layout menu that enables you to view multiple charts simultaneously. Whether it's 2 by 2 or 1 on top and 3 on the bottom, you can select any of the available layouts:
Launching ProCharts from your personalized Watchlist will open a layout with your selection of markets or users. To change a chart, simply select it and search for another symbol or username. If you want to view the same market with different time frames, tick the 'One Symbol for All Charts' box and the selected chart's instrument will be assigned to all charts.
No matter where you launched ProCharts from, you can always load the most recently used layout, including the symbols, investors, drawings or studies you had on your work space. If you want to save a specific layout so you can use it again, click on 'SAVE LAYOUT', name it, and it will be ready for you until you delete it. 
Once you have set up a layout, each chart behaves just like the standard chart, and you can use it as you like - change time frames, add technical analysis studies, or compare it to other markets or investors.

To learn more about the charts and the features they offer, please click here.


Watch our video on the eToro Academy to find out more: