What is the Portfolio?

Your portfolio shows you all your trading activity.


The default view shows you information about all the markets, traders and Smart Portfolios you are currently investing in:



The default view shows you an overview of your whole portfolio, with individual trades summarized according to the markets, traders or Smart Portfolios you are currently investing in. Click on each line to see the breakdown into individual trades:



Click on the clock icon to see the history of your closed trades and previously copied traders and Smart Portfolios:



Click on the two opposing arrows to see any orders that have not yet executed into positions:



Click on the filter icon to display information about only one type of your current investments (copied traders, Smart Portfolios, stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, ETFs, crypto). 



Click on the settings wheel to customize what information you see in the portfolio and rearrange the order of the columns (units, average opening rate, invested amount, profit / loss (in $ or %), value, SELL button, BUY button, Copy Stop Loss (in $ or %), net invested amount, fees, leverage, current rate). 



You can also click on the list icon to view all your open individual, manual trades only. 



Click in the same place, on the doughnut chart icon, to view your exposure and allocation in chart view. 



https://etoro.nanorep.co/storage/nr1/kb/2644A/2645B/44A822FC/13/exposure.PNG                    https://etoro.nanorep.co/storage/nr1/kb/2644A/2645B/44A822FC/14/allocation.PNG


Here is a summary of the bottom bar of your portfolio:


  • Available: the amount available in your free balance. You may use these funds to open new trades.
  • Total Allocated: the funds invested in manual trades, other traders or Smart Portfolios.
  • Profit: the current sum of your gains and losses from all open trades.
  • Equity: the state of your account if you were to close all of your open positions and thereby realize your current gains or losses. Therefore it is the sum of your Available balance + Total Allocated + Profit. You may click on your Equity in order to view the amount expressed in different currencies.