New year, new resolutions: More Aussies than ever plan to invest in stocks & crypto in 2022

A recent survey conducted in Australia by eToro reveals that 1 in 4 (25%) Aussies pledged to invest in financial assets as part of their 2022 New Year’s resolutions.

The survey of 1,000 Aussies commissioned by eToro found that more than half of Australians (57%) had made some form of New Year’s resolution, despite only 29 percent typically keeping these resolutions on average for three months or less. On the flipside, about a third of Aussies who specifically make financial resolutions tend to keep them for most of the year (32%).

Of those who said they are planning to invest more in financial assets, 31% confirmed they are likely to invest more than they did the previous year, noting changes in personal circumstances (56%), current events (37%), and increased financial knowledge (33%) as core reasons.

The data also revealed that Aussies prefer to invest their hard-earned money into crypto (32%), individual stocks (26%), stock options (20%), and diversified ETFs (13%).

When it comes to the inspiration behind investing, Aussies aren’t looking for a fast buck when using online investment platforms. The research demonstrates that Aussies want to invest to save for their future (56%), make more money (45%), save for retirement (36%) as well as for their children and grandchildren (23%).

eToro Australia’s Managing Director Robert Francis said: “It’s no surprise that establishing solid financial futures is front of mind for Aussies in 2022, especially after the surge of retail investors who took the first steps in building investment portfolios over the past two years. In fact, on eToro alone, we’ve seen exponential growth and now have over 25 million registered users globally.

“In 2022, eToro will continue to champion the retail investor, particularly as more Aussies than ever look to the stock and crypto markets as opportunities to build their own portfolio and nest eggs. For many investors, investing money has the potential to drive higher returns than allowing cash to sit idly in a bank account, given the current low interest rates.

“Online investment platforms like eToro have given Aussies the means of taking wealth-building journeys into their own hands, and access markets previously limited to the very wealthy. Instead of locking pocket money into a piggy bank, more Aussies are realising they can invest in the likes of Amazon, Tesla or Google for as little as $10 USD, ” concluded Francis.

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